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  • U.S. Patent Applications and Prosecution

  • Representation in Patent Interference Practice

  • Reexaminations (inter parte and ex parte proceedings)

  • Reissues

  • Representation before U.S. Patent and Trademark Board of Appeals

  • Patentability Searches and Opinions

  • Patent Validity Searches and Opinions

  • Patent Integrity Studies and Opinions

  • Interviews with Patent Examiners

  • Preparing and Prosecuting Foreign Patent Applications




  • Preparatory filing and prosecution of trademark application in U.S. and Foreign Countries

  • Interviews with Trademark Examining Attorneys

  • Trademark Searches and Opinions

  • U.S. Trademark Interference and Oppositions



  • Preparation and Figuration for U.S. Copyright Applications

  • Provide Copyright Infringement Studies and Opinions

Trade Secrets:

  • Providing non-disclosure agreement (NDAs).

  • Work for hire agreements.

  • Non-compete agreements with employees, contractors and suppliers.

  • Providing opinions related to trade secret law and litigation services.

Litigation Services:


  • Providing Litigation Services in U.S. District Courts for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition Practices, and Commercial Matters.

  • Providing Litigation in New York State Courts; Representation through Filings of Pleadings, Motion Practice, Discovery, Trial, Appellate Proceedings, and Settlement Negotiations

Commercial Services:


  • Incorporation

  • Franchises

  • Licensing

  • Negotiations and Settlements

  • Representation in Mediation and Arbitration

Litigation Services
Trade Secrets
Commercials Services
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